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The furry hentai art competition

The furry hentai art competition

 Sometimes, I compete with the friends for the picture in IRC. We decide and draw one theme up in the limitation time ( about 1 hour of most ). Of course, monochrome picture.
 Even if it says competition, there is not a judge. It shows a picture each other and it is to make a opportunity which thinks of how it makes a erotic picture if there is each.

 The theme the day before yesterday was " infancy Felicia (Vampire series, '94-'97, AC/SS/PS, CAPCOM) ". The member on this day is four of Macop, Motoaki, To-jyo and me.
 I drawn that Felicia who spreads and shows cunt and inserts anus extension dildo.
 But, not to have drawn cum may have been failure. It had become the one which compares unfavorably a little more than the picture of the other member.
 It wants to make the one which is better next. Year!

 However, still, I liked a picture then. It is to this picture that it was colored to the next day, it. I like a middle punch color in the Vampire Hunter.

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