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About me
I, Fey Tas am a Japanese HENTAI MANGA Artist. I live in Fukuoka (Japan).
 Since noticing its amusement 20 years before, I am a Video game OTAKU for a long time. :-)
 Basically, it doesn't choose a type and a target machine, but especially, the type to like is a vertical shooting system. (lov'in Flying Shark!!)
 I love humanoids and furries. Since meeting Felicia (Vampire (arcade video game, by capcom)) in '94, it continues to love her for a long time. Will I be sane!?
 BTW, I am very poor at English. The English mark has been about to pip without being adequate in the high school. (;_;/
 Therefore, it uses translation software and it is writing these. It may be writing a quite strange sentence. Then, teach me by all means, please.
 My mail address is tas@fur.bz.

My Machines
Primary : I.O.S.
(Intel Outside System, The own composition PC, for drawing)
CPU: Athron/1.2Ghz (AMD)
Mother Board: EP-8KTA3 (EPoX)
Memory: 1.5G
HDD: 30G (IBM, internal IDE)
30G (IBM, internal IDE)
Display: GDM-21PS (SONY)
Tablet: Intuos 600 (WACOM)
CD-ROM: CD-1600S (TEAC, Resolving an external model
and It made internal)
Graphic: Radeon 7500 (ATI)
MO: internal 640M (Konika)
Scanner: GT-7700 (EPSON)

Secondary : Celen (The own composition PC, for main work)
CPU: Celeron/700 (Intel)
Mother Board: AX3S Pro (AOpen)
Memory: 512M
HDD: 3.4G (IBM, internal IDE)
40G (Seagate, internal IDE)
Display: GDM-21PS (SONY, sharing with IOS)
CD-ROM: No bland...? (?, internal)
Recordable CD-ROM: No bland...? (BenQ, internal)
Graphic: Radeon VE (ATI)
Printer: Laser Wind 2210 (Fuji Xerox)
Deskjet 930 (HP)

Third : EDEN (The own composition PC, for file server)
CPU: C3 (?)/533 (On board)
Mother Board: EPIA 5000 (VIA)
Memory: 256M
HDD: 40G (Maxtor, internal IDE)
80G (Seagate, internal IDE)
Display: Television, Not VGA monitor :-) (NEC)
CD-ROM: No bland...? (?, internal)
Graphic: - (On board)

Other :
FMV Viblo 5133 NU6 (Fujitsu)
PC-486Portable (EPSON)
X68000 ACE-HD (Sharp)
and so.